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An itinerary through the other side of the Algarve

We establish inner dialogues with the places we love. The memory of our last trip made us return to the Algarve this year with the same thirst for conversations, at our own pace. Staying at Quinta das Flores, in Bensafrim, we breathed in the forest and the infinite. Time stretched out as if it wanted to present us with possibilities. We opened the door to all of them and took great pleasure in it. Here are some of the highlights of our week-long holiday in the Algarve.

1. Conserveira do Arade

In Parchal, we discovered the logic of “merroir” through Vincent Jonckheere, a Belgian who fell in love with Portuguese culture. Together with Manuel Mendes, they founded a cannery, certified as artisanal, whose philosophy is based on the freshness of the raw materials used, valuing human resources, ethics and quality. With a range of unique products that Elisa Malheiro took care to present to us, we savoured unique pairings with the Villa Alvor Colheita range.

2. Palmas Douradas

In São Brás de Alportel, Maria João Gomes’ studio “smells of humidity, of wet earth, of holidays, of happiness,” as she herself defines the olfactory memory of the palms she makes a point of collecting. After the drying process on the terrace, “just looking at the palms makes me realise what I want to do with them”. In the genesis of fascinating creations, such as a hat whose reflection in the mirror takes us back to the timeless Audrey Hepburn, everything can be what it is and much more.

3. Salmarim

“In the unforgettable instant when the heat and wind form delicate crystals of fleur de sel on the surface of the water”, it’s as if the soul vibrates with colours that are reflected in the water. Located in Castro Marim, we were welcomed to the Sapal Nature Reserve by Jorge Filipe Raiado. Passionate about art and people, at Armazém we had a unique wine and food experience: ox heart tomato sublimated by salt jewels, produced here, paired with Villa Alvor Singular Moscatel Galego Roxo.

4. Kozii

Founded by Cecília and Nuno, Kozii is a “slow-fashion brand for those who crave aesthetics, honesty and sustainability. Forever embracing the idea of fashion as a timeless journey. In a world constantly forced to confront speed, there is a place where inspiration drives stories worth keeping.” At the space in Tavira, we travelled through patterns and experienced the comfort of pieces that fit our ageless bodies. The beauty of things definitely lies in the uniqueness of each look.


We’ll return to each of these places in more detail, sharing the essence of a unique region. Until then, discover each of these places and savour the other side of the Algarve.