Discover Algarve in a glass of wine

It is in Villa Alvor, located at the old Quinta do Morgado da Torre, that the richness of Algarve’s past bears fruit in the form of a range of Portuguese wines that aims to revive and reveal all the potential of this historic terroir.

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Roman mosaics, an ancient art that left its mark in the Algarve to this day. The Villa Alvor brand introduces you to 3 Portuguese wines that honor this historical and cultural heritage of the people who brought the vine culture to Algarve, the Romans. From our vineyard and our winery arrive a White wine, a Red wine and a Rosé wine that incorporate the originality of the Algarve terroir. Savor, in the form of Algarve wine, the essence of the Region.


A range of Villa Alvor varietals made from the grape varieties that found in the Algarve terroir their purity and originality. Villa Alvor Singular challenges you to uncover indigenous varieties and to explore the more familiar grape varieties under a whole new perspective, the perspective of the Algarve terroir. A surprising variety of truly singular wines made from indigenous and foreign grape varieties.

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An important part of the Roman day-to-day life. It was at the Domus that one would host with poise and distinction members of the family, friends or other distinguished guests. It was at the Domus that one would present and share the very best items and foods available in the household. It's under this premise that Villa Alvor, a Portuguese wines brand, shares with the ones that cherish the most the best of each vintage. Villa Alvor Domus will represent each year the very best of our grape varieties, the best of our terroir, the best of our domaine. The best of Algarve wines directly from our winery.


A project focused on the quality and projection of the Algarve’s unique terroir and wine tradition with two areas of action: algarve wine production (Rosé wines, White wines and Red wines) and wine tourism. The birthplace of this project is Villa Alvor, formerly known as Quinta do Morgado da Torre, an 80-hectare estate that includes vineyards, a winery, wine tourism areas and landscaping (local flora and fauna). The vineyards are planted in limestone soils similar to the great terroir of Burgundy and Provence. Nested between Ria de Alvor and Serra de Monchique, Villa Alvor has all the features of the famous Provence domaines: perfectly balanced soils and a special microclimate, fresher and protected from the blazing sun, typical of warm Mediterranean climates. The proximity to the coast (less than 5km away) offers not only fast access to services such as hotel agents, cruise terminal, golf courses, racetrack and other facilities, but also creates the perfect conditions for producing high-quality Portuguese wines.


Villa Alvor, situated at the former Quinta do Morgado da Torre, reveals all the potential of the Algarve terroir and Algarve wine. Contact us for more information on wine, shop and wine tastings.

Villa Alvor Store and Wine Tastings

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April to September: 9am to 1pm || 2pm to 6pm.
October to March: 10am to 1pm || 2pm to 5pm.

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Sitio da Penina
8500-156 Alvor


N 37º 10' 06''
W 08º 34' 35''

In the Portimão-Lagos direction in A22, exit at Alvor. When you reach the first roundabout, turn right towards Figueira and continue in the nacional road 125 for 500m. Then turn right at the sign Torre, Alcalar. Villa Alvor is about 700m, as indicated by the road signs.